EGONOMICS, an exploration of the Corpsurbain. Ergonomics reinterprets contemporary urban fiction and raises the issue of the future of our bodies and cities in the digital age. EGONOMICS is a transmedia project: (1) the "Ergoconference" is a dance conference that features the body and a video installation; (2) The "Practical Guide of the Usage of the Body in Public Space" is a guide that explores how the city has shaped the body, and vice versa. As a piece of contemporary art, the challenge of Ergonomics is to expose, being part in the contemporary worry of the world as it is. In this kind of naturalized "realism" in full evolution of techno sciences and new ways of marketing, lies an elementary function of art, an amoral function - if any - incontestably necessary to the social body. Website

Direction, Author and Choreographer – Rocio Berenguer , Staging and dancer – Marja Christians , Dancer – Patric Sean Gee-Hou Kuo and Kevin Table , Graphic design – Gregoire Bellot , Researcher and Dancer – Sarah Fdili Alaoui , Researcher, development and interpreter – Ignacio Avellino , Cameraman – Hector di Napoli and Nayan Ducruet , Music and composition – Léopold Frey , Sound/video Smartbody – Cubenx , Stage manager – Sylvain Delbart . Collaborators: Frédéric Bechet, Benoît Favre, Marc-Williams Debono, Isabel Schwenk, Lucie Brochard and Mathilde Ramadier.


February 2018 - Performance at the Gâité Lyrique

October 2017 - Performance at the Actoral 2017 Festival, Marseille