(aka Nacho)

Ignacio Avellino

Hi! My nickname is Nacho, I am a researcher in HCI. I am currently a post-doc at the Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (ISIR) within the Sorbonne Université. I am at the intersection of two teams: AGATHE, which designs and develops technology with medical applications, and INTERACTION, which focuses on the interaction with these technologies. This strategic position enables me to perform in-situ observations of surgeons, design interfaces for medical devices, and test them with specialized workers. In the everyday lab life, I spend my days with the guys at the HCI group. The Labex CAMI generously founds me.


ignacio.avellino [at] sorbonne-universite.fr
ISIR – Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique
Sorbonne Université - Campus UPMC
Pyramide - T55/65
CC 173 - 4 Place Jussieu
75005 Paris, France


2019 06 23
We presented the Surgical Cockpit at the Hamlyn Symposium Surgicl Robot Challenge.
2019 05 04
I'll be at CHI2019 presenting 1 paper, 1 poster at the WISH symposium and chairing 1 session. I will also be an equity ally.
2019 03 01
We submitted a proposal for the Sorbonne Emergence 2019-2020 funding.
2018 12 01
We submitted a proposal for the SIRIC CURAMUS 2018 funding.
2018 11 08
Participated in the CAMI Days meeting. Program here.
2018 10 25
We submitted an ANR pre-proposal.
2018 09 26
I'm officially a volunteer for the Jane Goodall Institute in France. Talk about dreams coming true 🐵.
2018 06 24
Finished the 5Km open water swimming competition Le Défi de Monte Cristo in 1h36m29s 🏊‍♂️.
2018 05 23
I am officially TPC assistant for CHI2020, thank you Joanna McGrenere and Andy Cockburn!
2018 03 04
Finished the Paris Semi Marathon in 1h48m37s 🏃‍♂️.
2018 01 15
I joined ISIR!
2017 12 12
I defended my PhD thesis: Supporting collaborative practices across wall-sized displays with video-mediated communication.
2017 10 31
I'm chairing the session Interaction Design at UEIS 2017.
2017 06 25
Finished the 5Km open water swimming competition Le Défi de Monte Cristo in 1h44m05s 🏊‍♂️.
2017 06 14
I gave a talk at UPMC on Remote Collaboration Across Wall-Sized Displays.


Surgical Comanipulation

Comanipulation for Surgical Robots

Collaboration between surgeons and surgical robots through comanipulation of surgical tools



An exploration of the Corpsurbain. Contemporary urban fiction exploring the future of the body

Remote Collaboration Across Wall-Sized Displays


Using camera arrays to accomplish remote collaboration across wall-sized displays

Instant User Interfaces

Instant User Interfaces

An interaction paradigm that lets users operate systems by using everyday objects as their controller



A two-player mashup of ping pong and air hockey - just with water pumps!


A Surgical Cockpit for Minimally Invasive Surgery.
Mario Aricò, Lucas Joseph, Jimmy Da Silva, Ignacio Avellino, Jesus Mago, Philippe Gauthier, Eleonore Ferriet-Barbut, Guillaume Morel, Marie-Aude Vitrani
Hamlyn Symposium Surgical Robot Challenge 2019 - Surgical Robot Challenge 2019 Finalists. Symposium link

Hard Constraints: Why Telemanipulated Surgical Robots Affect Creative Tool Use.
Ignacio Avellino.
Symposium: Workgroup on Interactive Systems in Healthcare. Poster, WISH@CHI 2019. 6 pages submission. HAL download link Symposium link

GazeLens: Guiding Attention to Improve GazeInterpretation in Hub-Satellite Collaboration.
Khanh-Duy Le, Ignacio Avellino, Cédric Fleury, Morten Fjeld and Andrea Kunz.
To appear: INTERACT 2019. 18 + 3 pages. 29% acceptance rate. HAL download link

Impacts of Telemanipulation in Robotic Assisted Surgery.
Ignacio Avellino, Gilles Bailly, Geoffroy Canlorbe, Jérémie Belghiti, Guillaume Morel and Marie-Aude Vitrani.
Proc. ACM CHI 2019. 12 + 3 pages. 23.8% acceptance rate (705/2958). DOI download link HAL download link Bibtex Citation Conference Talk

Using Comanipulation with Active Force Feedback to Undistort Stiffness Perception in Laparoscopy.
François Schmitt, Josue Sulub, Ignacio Avellino, Jimmy Da Silva, Laurent Barbé, Olivier Piccin, Bernard Bayle and Guillaume Morel.
To appear: Proc. IEEE ICRA 2019. 6 pages. 40% to 45% acceptance rate.

Événements Indésirables de la Chirurgie Robot-Assisté.
Ignacio Avellino.
Workshop Le robot chirurgical : Quelles approches interprofessionnelles techniques et non techniques ? 2018. 4 pages. Workshop link Download PDF Workshop Talk

Putting the Coach in the Loop: Improving Practice in Outdoor Activities Through Technology.
Ignacio Avellino and Carman Neustaedter.
Workshop on HCI in the Outdoors. ACM CHI2018. 4 + 2 pages. HAL download link Workshop link

Supporting collaborative practices across wall-sized displays with video-mediated communication.
Ignacio Avellino.
PhD Thesis. HAL download link PhD Thesis Defense

CamRay: Camera Arrays Support Remote Collaboration on Wall-Sized Displays.
Ignacio Avellino, Cédric Fleury, Wendy E. Mackay and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon.
Proc. ACM CHI 2017. 10 + 2 pages. 24.8% acceptance rate (606/2424). DOI download link HAL download link Bibtex Citation Short Video Long Video Conference Talk

Accuracy of Deictic Gestures to Support Telepresence on Wall-sized Displays.
Ignacio Avellino, Cédric Fleury and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon.
Proc. ACM CHI 2015. 4 pages. 17.8% acceptance rate (notes). DOI download link HAL download link Bibtex Citation Short Video

Telepresence systems for Large Interactive Spaces.
Cédric Fleury, Ignacio Avellino, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Wendy E. Mackay.
Workshop on Everyday Telepresence: Emerging Practices and Future Research Directions. ACM CHI 2015. 4 pages. HAL download link Bibtex Citation

Instant user interfaces: repurposing everyday objects as input devices.
Christian Corsten, Ignacio Avellino, Max Möllers and Jan Borchers.
Proc. ACM ITS 2013. 10 pages. 28.9% acceptance rate (35/121). DOI download link Bibtex Citation

Magic Wako - User Interaction in a Projector-based Augmented Reality Game.
Daniel Franzen, Ignacio Avellino, Fabio Mauri, Marc Jentsch and Andreas Zimmermann.
IARIA CONTENT 2011. 5 pages. Download link Bibtex Citation Download PDF


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